SICHUAN UNITED INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD. Since established on October 26, 1989, has been 18 years of market hone, by a single car trade to develop in the direction of diversification, gradually become self-supporting and agent all kinds of goods technology import and export business of the company, at the same time operating feed processing and the "three to fill a" business counter trade and entrepot trade, the company in 2001, approved by the general office of the ministry of foreign trade and economic cooperation of the People's Republic of China, and obtains the right of import and export;In 2002, the company was approved by the sichuan provincial drug administration and obtained the license of medical device trading company.


The company has established a set of perfect and scientific operation procedure and strict system in the import and export of various products, which makes the annual import and export trade increase steadily, and has been praised unanimously by the majority of users.Currently, the company has 36 active employees, including 2 master's students, 15 junior college or above.

The company customers throughout the southwest, north China, south central vast areas, especially adhere to the western China market, actively introduce domestic urgently needed equipment, at present is sichuan and southwest China's well-known import and export companies.In the future, the company will continue to operate the large market in western China, and fully involved in south China, south China, east China, north China related business scope.